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Film Restoration Training – Beirut / May 23 to 31, 2024

Organized by the Jocelyne Saab Association, in partnership with IESAV-USJ, ALBA-UOB and the Coopérative des métiers du cinéma

Thanks for the logistical support from the Institut français du Liban

Registration until April 30, 2024 : amicale.jocelynesaab[at]

Upon registration, please indicate the specialty of your choice: digital colorgrading, digital image restoration or digital sound restoration.

The course, given by professionals working in the film and sound archives and specializing in restoration, will cover the three main professional areas of digital film restoration: archival film color grading, digital image restoration and digital sound restoration.
Different types of film material will be discussed and worked on: reversal positive, negative, positive, 16mm and 35mm – and in terms of sound, optical and magnetic.
This course is aimed at industry professionals and students in film, and is a certificate course. It is offered at the very modest price of $150, to enable as many people as possible to benefit from this initiation.

General course in English. Individual workshops can be given in French or English, Arabic possible for image and sound digital restoration courses (not for color grading).